About the Girls


The elves in this story are not the ones you may be familiar with from mythology, or even Tolkien.  While they do share some qualities with such creatures—pointy ears, long lives—they are also parts of very distinct clans within the Blue Kingdoms milieu.
According to the Blue Kingdoms Sourcebook

Nyarri elves are hedonists.  (Fansuri, Faye, Wendi)
Astiri elves are starwatchers, dreamers.  (Brandi)
Drow are an offshoot of the Yndari (underground) elves who delved too deep and became enmeshed with dark powers.  (Ragnara)
Orks (not to be confused with the orcs in other fantasy stories) came into existence only recently, in the Tournament of Death 3, when they were created from a lesser, goblin-like race called jenrats. (Torika)

Of course, like everybody in the world, each of our characters has her own personality, distinct from the qualities of her people.  Tori, for instance, is an ork who doesn’t like fighting, and Ragnara, a former drow assassin, would just as soon fuck someone as kill them (most of the time).


(Which Elf is Who)

Fansuri (Fan) Silverleaf – potion maker and house den mother
Faylicia (Faye) Hawthorn – blonde elf virgin on the make
Ragnara (Nara) Blix – refugee drow assassin (reformed)
Torika (Tori) Virag – ork girl with a big appetite
Wendina (Wendi) Silverleaf – half of a hot twosome, Fan’s sister, and Brandi’s best friend (and bi-lover) – visiting from out of town on spring break
Brandise (Brandi) T’cho – half of a hot twosome, Wendi’s best friend (and bi-lover) – visiting from out of town on spring break


The Blue Kingdoms – The world in which these stories take place, a collection of islands on a vast sea
The World-Sea – The nearly endless ocean that surrounds the islands of the Blue Kingdoms and many other places as well
Alkazar Mystiik – The fancy name for the (slightly run down) house where Fan, Faye, Nara, and Tori live together
Lemagne – The city-state where our girls make their home along the river Sehn
Anterre – A seafaring kingdom just downriver from Lemagne
Narosh – A kingdom near Lemagne
Arabii – A mystical island famed for its silks, carpets, dancing girls, and adventurous sailors