Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Naked Elf Girls - OUT NOW! (Buy 'Em!)

You know what they say about the best laid plans?  Well, the best laid plans of authors and publishers oft go astray, too -- especially when the plan is to get a bunch of Naked Elf Girls laid!  So, sorry this update took so long, but the good news is...


They're available for purchase at Amazon, Smashwords, and DriveThruFiction.  You can find them by searching for me, Didi Solomon, or you can click the links below and go directly to the vendor of your choice to buy them.

Buy Naked Elf Girls on Amazon!
Buy Naked Elf Girls on Smashwords!
Buy Naked Elf Girls on DriveThruFiction!

You can find direct links to each individual book on my Buy Books page here.

You may be able to find the Naked Elf Girls on other sites, too (though Apple apparently has some issues with some of the books), but please find a real place to buy them instead of waiting for the pirates to post them somewhere for "free."

You know what free means in this context?  Free means that neither my publisher nor I get one red cent from what you're reading!  And the only way I'm going to be able to write more books in the Naked Elf Girls series is if I gain a little treasure on this set.

So, support this author (and other independent authors) and buy our books rather than supporting the pirates.  'Cause, you know, despite all those romantic movies, pirates were really just crooks.

Okay, enough about pirates, because this is a really happy day when you can Buy My Books!  Do it!  (You know you want to.)  Then write me and tell me what you think.

Have fun!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Final Naked Elf Girls Editorial Work - Publishing Imminent!

I am very excited to report that my Naked Elf Girls books are now in the final stages of the editorial process -- which means they're nearly ready to be published!

My artist, Steve Sullivan, has the covers up on his Deviant Art page, if you haven't already seen them on their own page here.  (I think the images might be slightly larger on DA.)

In any case, with art done and words done and editorial nearly done, what else is left?

Publication and reading, of course!  Keep watching this blog for more updates.

I can hardly wait!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Holy Cow, This Is Really Happening!

I've got the books done, my artist (Steve Sullivan) has finished the covers, and now we've got an actual page/blog going, too!

Guess that means my Naked Elf Girls books are really going to be coming out.

Keep your eyes glued to this space for future updates!  And please send along your comments or suggestions.


-- DD