Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stone Sorceress - Changes with a Lot Less Me

Some of you may have noticed that I'm no longer writing Stone Sorceress anymore, even though I'm one of the two original creators (me & Dez).

Basically, what happened is that the economics couldn't support us continuing to do SS the way we were, and Dez -- who was running the site stuff as well -- needed the work more than I did.  That's still true.

The plan was that he would work on expanding existing scenes until either: 1) the series grew to where we could both afford to work again, or 2) he moved on to other things and handed the series back to me to do something different with.

Probably, when or if that second thing happens -- and it still might -- I would be doing a prose-story-based continuation of SS with voice, illustrations, and animations, as we/I can afford it.  (Not a fully animated series, I admit, but what I can both do and afford.)

Recently, though, Dez has started to do little "micro stories" rather than expansions, which was okay, because you do what you gotta do to make ends meet.  And now that seems to have expanded to a big "final story" that (Surprise!  😢) is being written by someone who is not me.

And, at this point, the plot for that story includes some non-con (non-consensual) plans for Sara that... Well, this is what I think Stone Sorceress is about -- the premise that I created the storylines (and co-created the series) around:

Light-Hearted, Sex-Positive Adventures (with monsters)

...Adventures featuring a heroine who had agency, optimism, humor, and power (more than enough to fuck those nasty monsters out of existence).  And a key element of all that is consent.  Sara is always consenting to her sexual encounters (even if they might seem dangerous or scary to other people).  Consent is something all of us should do in our sex, all the time.  Consent is part of her key powers.

The current story, planned and begun (and executed) without me, violates the premises and precepts in this two paragraphs above.

I've asked them to either stop or to change the storyline -- and suggested a possible "fix" which maintain's Sara's agency and consent.

But, at this point, it does not look like the current crew are going to either stop or change their plans.  They're going to continue with this non-con storyline I don't approve of.

And do something sexual to Sara against her will.

(They'll also also ignore her powers and history and what she's been able to do or deal with in the past.)

This article pretty much explains my point-of-view about the whole "final" storyline:

So, if that's how it shakes out, naturally, I won't be participating.

And if it really is the "final storyline" for my co-creator, I'll see what I can do to pick up the pieces afterward -- if there is one.

Is it bitterly ironic that they're doing all this without my consent?  Yeah.  Or maybe just tragic.


-- DD

(And, yeah, I still suck at regular posting on this blog.  Sorry!)

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